Atrium Gantrys BMU - 35 Chancery Lane600

BMU for 35 Chancery Lane – London

This project came with deign constraints, namely that the BMU must be parked below the St Pauls sightline.

This required the track system to incorporate a lift table which lowered the BMU into a void when not in use. The BMU would also need to be designed with restricted height due to the room available. The BMU is power traversed and could slew under power and luff the jib to allow the BMU and cradle to pass over the roof to gain access to the rear of the building. This also meant the track system needed to include a points system to allow the tracks to be shunted in the required direction.

The BMU was small in design whist satisfying the BS and EU requirements with the top of the machine being only 1.5m above the track, the counterweight, hydraulic tanks, and motors along with the control panel being shoehorned into the compact body of the BMU. The luffing telescopic Jib reaching some 10m to the building corners and all requiring to be lowered on a lift table into the parking location.

The lift Table all designed and manufactured by Atrium Gantry’s incorporates 4 large screw jacks within a gated protective cage externally controlled with several unique safety features allowing the BMU to be lowered flush with and between the tracks.
Atrium Gantrys are particularly proud of this system which incorporates many requirements required on individual projects all on one contract.